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CRASH (John Matos)

Image Antoine

Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - John Crash Matos "Art of the line"

from 2008-03-01 to 2008-03-29

"I always love working on paper, drawings, watercolors, sketches and collages are what I call the heart of my work. This is where I explore my mind, my soul and everything around me. It is such a luxury to be able to share such candid work with the public. I am famous for never selling drawings, because I always go back to them for reference or for a stroll through memory lane. The watercolors on white paper came from the always present name. As graffiti testifies, it’s about fame, and more... the more you put your name up, the more you will get noticed...guerilla art... The white drawings on black paper come from an experimental show that I did with Kaws. He suggested we work on black paper. I love trying new things, and I think he bought out the best in me... His is a unique art, and his work drove me to the best that I could...so I took the opportunity to show them with the new works, and they stand totally on their own merit.  In my work, references are always present, From Jasper Johns to anime, they simply make you see that I see and record with my eyes, that art is an extension of your breathing. If you don’t work, you don’t breath. "You can’t lie with art ... it’s impossible ... you can always see it …"

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Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - John Crash Matos "Art of the line"