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Alex K 2   Copie

Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - Alex Kuznetsov "Abstractism"

from 2013-09-14 to 2013-10-26

Abstractism is defined as what the artist creates by the actions taken that do not follow any set of rules about painting, sculpture or other forms of the visual arts. It can be said the artist works from his or her imagination or subconcious; what otherwise would be considered the inner self.

"15 years of practice with spray paint in classic graffiti led me to realize the uniqueness of an aerosol can of paint as art tool. Use the effect of spray paint in the space and then transfer to a canvas achieving the result from the sublimation of emotional subconscious flow through color and movement of the paint." One of the first graffiti writers on former USSR area with numerous of outdoor murals, stencils and participation in many international street art events traveling around from West to East Europe and Asia. From graffiti letter writing to non-figurative abstract art- work moved in 2010. First experiment in Hong Kong on wall than further on canvases in his Lisbon studio. Discovered the pure passion of exchange emotions through artworks by color and expressive movements over surface in lines using different spray caps technique.

"I Believe that not only figurative art is possible to establish the dialogue between artist and viewer. Abstract is a way to avoid boundaries and guides in understanding an art."

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Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - Alex Kuznetsov "Abstractism"