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Reality Revolution Speerstra Swiss

Speerstra Gallery Swiss presents "REALITY REVOLUTION" by Xavier Magaldi and Swiss Crypto Cat

from 2023-03-18 to 2023-06-23

Speerstra Gallery Swiss présente "REALITY REVOLUTION" by Xavier Magaldi & Swiss Crypto Cat

opening hours of the exhibition: by appointment.

"Reality Revolution is a dive into a new artistic dimension that invites visitors to discover how technology can transform our perception of the world and rethink our relationship with contemporary art"

Speerstra Gallery Switzerland presents "Reality Revolution" a groundbreaking exhibition that explores the boundaries between reality and the virtual. The exhibition features the work of two Swiss artists, Xavier Magaldi and Swiss Crypto Cat. Each in their own way, they use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality by pushing the limits of artistic creation. Various media are explored in a daring way: sculptures, illustrations, prints.

This new kind of exhibition explores the different realities that shape today's world. 360° projections offer a unique perspective on virtual, augmented and physical works. Viewers are introduced to a world where the boundaries between different realities are dissipating. By being confronted with these new ways of considering creation, we are faced with an invitation to rethink the various relationships between contemporary art and perception of reality. Reality Revolution is a unique artistic experience that explores the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Xavier Magaldi and Swiss Crypto Cat are the pioneers of digital art in Switzerland, they met in the virtual world of NFT and digital art, and since then they have not stopped exchanging to evolve in this sphere so particular and foreign to the general public. Their status as precursors has allowed them to be spotted by the media. Thus they were able to share and initiate a new public to the codes and infinite possibilities of a technology at the service of art. For the exhibition "Reality Revolution" they chose to define together an immersive and captivating experience. Starting from a similar technological base, the two artists have developed their own universe thanks to a declination of protocols that trace the contours of their creations. 

Xavier Magaldi, whose work is situated between futurism and brutalism, presents sculptures. Metal and concrete have been used to shape these volumes that are physically present, and impose themselves in the gallery to be touched and contemplated. A replica of each of them has been shaped in pixels, filters and shades in a virtual reality program. It is then that a new dimension opens up inside these sculptures. Equipped with a virtual reality headset, the viewer can approach an object that has no scale, that of the projection that we choose to impose.

Swiss Crypto Cat, presents a series of ultra-figurative surreal cats. "Prophecy" is the name of this series of works in which realistic details are combined with imaginary elements, creating a sensation of altered reality. The color palette chosen by the artist brings a touch of poetry and mystery to the exhibition.

"Reality Revolution" is a must-see exhibition for art and technology lovers. Initiated by the precursors of the discipline in Switzerland, digital creation is evolving towards an infinite exploration. The works exhibited are a testimony to the power of human imagination and creativity, combined with new technologies. Come and discover a fascinating exhibition that will transport you into a digital reality with multiple and infinite facets.

Speerstra Gallery Swiss presents "REALITY REVOLUTION" by Xavier Magaldi and Swiss Crypto Cat