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JONONE (John Perello)


Speerstra Gallery Paris - John JonOne Perello "Talking to Walls"

from 2003-06-06 to 2003-07-26

“Because I’ve been more used to paint in the street, on the subway and in train lay up’s. Working these last five months in my atelier at Belleville preparing this show. The result of being between four walls has given the name to this show. "Talking to walls" is the result of collaboration between Willem Speerstra and me. The opportunity was given to show new works that the public has never seen before. A totally new vision in approaching my latest canvases and drawings. Since the "Black Diamonds" show last year, my work has moved on, the details that I am known for, have disappeared and larger lines and outlines have taken place on my canvases". Many people that know my earlier work as the in the term Blending colours, the gesture has this time evolved to something totally different, a new experience. The two paintings "talking to walls" and "After Effects" symbolize the vision of a new evolution towards bigger pieces of work, bigger lines and outlines. The new paintings and drawings are less out of focus, les blurry and much more precise than any of my other works done in the past. My work is usually made out of layers; the approach is this time more direct."

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Speerstra Gallery Paris - John JonOne Perello "Talking to Walls"