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DAZE (Chris Ellis)


Speerstra Gallery Paris - Chris DAZE Ellis "Mulheres Perfecto"

from 2005-06-21 to 2005-07-21

A part of this new`body`of work lies in the reality of sharing a certain space of time with someone that can happen either in the space of 24 hours or several years. In fact I tried to represent in some subconscious way all the things that went through my mind during those periods of time. This part is very much based on reality and my love for all the minute nuances that can happen in a small space of time. The other section of these works lies in the realms of fantasy and imagination and my thoughts on the ideal, or what I would like it to be. In many of the paintings both worlds are represented and some come together within a single image. Contrary to what many might believe this new series does not represent variety or the quest for variation. In fact each one of these paintings are a fractal image which, when joined together form a single being. These works are the lights and shadows within my soul. They record my thoughts on paper and in paint the experiences that have happened and those that remain to happen. Whether fact or fiction, fantasy or reality, truth or lies, these works all lie within the world of the ideal , whatever that may be, and all are in fact, "Mulheres perfecto". Chris Daze Ellis, Rio de Janiero, 2005

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Speerstra Gallery Paris - Chris DAZE Ellis "Mulheres Perfecto"