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Speerstra Gallery Paris - Aurel Prevost Aka Rubbish - Vegetal Obsession

from 2018-11-17 to 2018-12-15

Aurel Prevost’s exhibition “Vegetal Obsession” takes its natural place in the harmonious evolutionary line of his art, in continued collaboration with the Speerstra Gallery. Following on from “Gratia Plena” in 2014 and “Suggest” in 2016, this young artist continues to develop his work, remaining faithful to his technique of sharp and fine paper cut outs. However, despite this loyalty to the art of paper cutting, the content of his work has undergone a steady metamorphosis; although the young artist often combines the human and natural elements in his work, this time the plant world predominates. Traces of human presence can still be detected through a silhouette or clothing yet become progressively more and more discreet, as if Nature, like a huge carnivorous plant, is delicately devouring human beings in order to reinstate its natural rights, a splendid yet slightly cruel transformation.

This mutation notably gives rise to a majestic still life opus, inspired by the Dutch painters, with fine and minute cutouts and streaked flowers. Once again, Aurel Prevost displays his mastery of detail, splendor and aesthetics. He has a sharp, yet delicate and graceful scalpel stroke. The inherent contradiction between the nature of the tool used and the artistic gesture aptly represents the duality and sensitivity running through all the artist’s work. This sensitivity mirrors Aurel Prevost’s feelings towards the plant world and leads to the confrontation between nature and urbanism in his work. This ideal compels him to deepen his artistic research and to transpose the meticulous aspect of his technique on to architectural elements. He discovers new geometrical forms that witness to both the evolutionary progress and the inexhaustible imagination of the artist.  Aurel Prevost thus transforms paper into a rich universe of references and symbols, often from the animal world, that are in total symbiosis with an abundant flora. 

Speerstra Gallery Paris - Aurel Prevost Aka Rubbish - Vegetal Obsession