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The crook and the old timer under the bridge

120 x 120 cm / 2012 - mixed media on canvas

Here we are contemplating two characters, straight out of a comic storyline. But who are they and what are their history? That's what we'll be trying to know. What captivates us at first glance are the intense colours. Then we can notice the cut-out of colors in shaded tint areas. They are put together like a puzzle where each part has its role to play in the masterpiece's unity. The palette is mostly cold. Only the red highlights some parts of the painting. Sozyone Gonzalez uses colors according to their density, imagining his coloring in shades of grey. Pablo Sozyone Gonzales masterpiece name is "the crook and the old timer under the bridge". Sitting in between two worlds, the bridge symbolizes freedom, connections, openness and adventure. It's the border between the good and the bad, yesterday and tomorrow, art and crime. Under the bridge of a metropolis, two people (the crook and the old timer) patiently stare at things, look to the left, look to the right, think about the wall, the colors, hesitate and wait for the right time... "Under the bridge" depicts that moment, that very precise moment when limits break.

© Speerstra Gallery / Marie Bourtayre / translation: F. Mery Poplimont / voice: Yann Marguet