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136 x 96 cm / 2005 - mixed media on canvas

Here we are taken right into an extraordinary adventure. Are we in an animated fiction inspired by the tale of the Trojan horse or in a comic episode featuring some avenger? In fact it is just like the character was taking us into his adventures. Let's see what he's got to tell. What is striking on that canvas is the dominance of cold colors, green and blue. A central spot catches our attention. It is the main character's red sweater. Red like a religious divine symbol. We're dealing here with a modern hero steeped in mythology. The character and his mount leave for a Crusade or maybe a sort of deliverance. The marker held by the left hand is seen as a religious icon, as the "Saint Sauveur". He's represented on a gold background like as a reference to the holly rings of religious paintings from the middle age. This marker is raised to a level of holiness. It is through him that our masked hero will succeed its missions. The background of the painting is over ornated. There is an accumulation of letters, words and different fonts. We can imagine that our masked hero is coming as an avenger in this world of graphical chaos. Alexone gives us a fantastical episode in a world where graffiti is a religion with pencils and markers as weapons. This piece is the metaphor of a modern world between reality and fiction.

© Speerstra Gallery / Marie Bourtayre / translation: F. Mery Poplimont / voice: Yann Marguet