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130 x 190 cm / 2007 - mixed media on canvas

Here we are taken into the middle of a dense and compact landscape. What can we see? First of all a cold and grey palette, moved with a rhythm given by a jerky style. This is when our eye starts to identify letters, here is an A and there a R. But it is still difficult to decipher a word or a sentence. There are only 4 different letters in the whole painting. D, A, R, E. Dare. This is the artist name. All the letters coming from his own graffiti alphabet and are made in a different style. Our mind is then captured and taken into the windings of the movements, like a twirl, making us loose our marks. “Egorain”, is the title of the masterpiece painted by the Swiss German artist Sigi “Dare” von Koeding. It makes a reference to its own identity, its ego. That ego that gave him the courage to paint trains, walls, frontside and trucks... And to become the artist that he is. Egorain is a masterpiece where the letters of Dare all converge into a big cloud. The shades of grey highlight the pattern and the drips gets on the precise and clean lines.
Dare is known worldwide for his style made out of perfect and pure letters graphically speaking. His work relies on a perpetual search for evolution and perfection.

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