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Crime and punishment

150 x 150 cm / 1992 - spraypaint and acrylic on canvas

Crime and punishment / 150 x 150 cm / 1992

Markings, loops, points, dripping, circles, zigzag, paint, spraycan, pencil, marker, that abundance of technics and graphic tools brings us to the depth analysis of that painting. Painted in 1993 by the artist John Perello "Jonone", this masterpiece « crime and punishment » is a reference to a novel written by russian writter Fiodor Dostoievski. That book being all about psychological pains. The opinion of Jonone on that issue is quite the opposite, not that dark. Even if a bit tortured in its shapes, what comes out are the colors set like a panel of feelings and emotions. The canvas is painted in layers, in variations around color and plastic density. Traces made through different passings are visible and are often highlighted using different intensity. The ten or so layers of pictural materials give an impression of depth. Details are shaped meticulously. This masterpiece is an invitation to both an escape and a reflection. Trying to know which was the first layer at some point or if that line was drawn before that paint stain? By this search we are getting lost in the analysis of shapes... Would it be a face, an animal or a word? The artist brings us to explore an endless imaginary word.

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