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Xavier Magaldi on Non Fungible France - NFT XAVIER MAGALDI Inside

Xavier Magaldi on Non Fungible France - NFT

This art form, one of the oldest known to humans, has also been refined over time. From a simple chisel and hammer to carve large rocks or blocks of marble to carving in different materials such as wood and metal, casting, turning and molding we have used 3D methods of artistic expression for eons. Cutting a tree trunk with a chainsaw or cutting iron with a circular saw is not just simply for practical usages, but also of course for crafting works of art. With the results of the recent pandemic in many parts of the world the restrictions and limited travel and closed galleries, means it has become almost impossible to exhibit or sell works.
To innovate in this space, digital technology can come to the aid in a still relatively undiscovered means for artistic expression: virtual reality. This is the bet that Xavier Magaldi (@Xavier_Magaldi) wishes to make so that his art continues to live on and to achieve this, he had the idea of exhibiting his works to the world… thanks to CryptoVoxels!
The exhibition will take place on May 1 at 8PM (CET) but you can already visit the museum of the french community Les Collectionneurs in which the pieces will be located. For the moment, the NFTs exhibited will be digital creations in the form of a map but in the long term, there will be two distinct works: physical sculptures which will have their certificate of authenticity on the blockchain and digital sculptures which will be held directly on chain in the form of NFTs.
To create the link between the physical and virtual works, one avenue that is being explored is in augmented reality. Thanks to the Iazzu application, for example, it will be possible to view digital creations by scanning physical works, thereby creating a bridge between the two worlds!

full article : https://nonfungible.com/blog/nonfungible-usecase-embroidery-and-sculpture




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